Martha's Diary

 Sept. 4, 1975 

Dear Diary, Today was the 1st day of school. I have all my opens 
[free school periods] with Peter & Christy. Tonight I went pool 
hopping w/Jackie, Michael, David & Tom Skakel and Andy Pugh. When 
I got home my mom was really ticked at me. She might not let me 
go to the Allman Brothers concert with Peter which he asked me to 
go to today. She was being such a bitch. A royal bitch. She knows 
that I really want to go.

Sept. 7, 1975

Dear Diary, Today I went to Rye Playland w/Margie, Jacke & 
Allyson P. It was so fun! ... Tonight, me, Margie & Jackie went 
over to the Skakel's house & Miss Reese came in at 9:40 and told 
us 3 that she only sees us there at around 9:30 & she was kinda 
mad but it was hysterical. I've been having a lot of fun the last 
couple of days ... I've gone out every night. It's been a lot of 
fun. I definitely cannot go to the concert with Peter. Bummer!

Sept. 11, 1975

Dear Diary -- Nothing extra special happened at school today. I 
had 1st & 2nd block open! It got boring. I talked to Peter a lot 
today. Sometimes I wonder why I go w/ him. He's always telling me 
that he hates me but Margie talked to him & he said that he hopes 
that I know he's only joking. After school I went to the ortho. 
Then me, Jackie & Margie went over to Skakels house & did the 
usual in the mobile home. Tonight I went to the homecoming meeting.
I'm on the pep rally committee. Frank Male called to ask about 
our spic test.

Sept. 12, 1975

Dear Diary, Today was nothing extra special at school. Peter was 
being his usual self ... Me, Jackie, Michael, Tom, Hope, Maureen 
& Andra went driving in Tom's car. I drvoe a little then & I was 
practically sitting on Tom's lap 'cause I was only steering. He 
kept putting his hand on my knee ... I drove some more & Margie 
& I kept yelling out the sunroof & then we went to Friendly's & 
Michael treated me & he got me a double but I only wanted a single 
so I threw the top scoop out the window. The I was driving again 
& Tom put his arm around me. He kept doing stuff like that. Jesus 
if Peter ever found out I would be dead! I think Jackie really 
likes Michael & I think maybe he likes her (maybe because he was 
drunk, but I don't know).

Sept. 17, 1975

Dear Diary -- today, I really didn't talk to Peter at all, not 
even a hi. I talked to Peter Marsh yesterday, he came up and sat 
w/ me (& Christy, he doesn't know her) at my locker before school. 
He said, "I never see you anymore!" & I said "probably because we 
don't have homeroom" & he said something about he doesn't see me 
& he likes to see my bright shining smile. Whoa! Today I saw him 
in school and he said "I didn't see you all day, are you avoiding me?" 
I said "no" & he said "Yes, you are!" & I kept saying "No, I'm not" 
& finally, he said "I know, I'm just kidding. He's so nice!!!" I 
smoked w/ Tina and Tori today & yesterday. I went over to Skakel's 
today w/ Jackie. We just goofed around on skateboards, etc. nothing 

Sept. 19, 1975

Dear Diary, Today was nothing extra special at school. Tonight ... 
it ended up w/me, Jackie, Tom, Michael, John, David & Peter Zamenksi. 
Michael was so totally out of it that he was being a real asshole 
in his actions & words. He kept telling me that I was leading Tom 
on when I don't like him (except as a friend). I said well how about 
you and Jackie? You keep telling me that you don't like her & you're 
all over her. He doesn't understand that he can be nice to her without 
hanging all over her. Michael jumps to conclusions. I can't be friends 
w/Tom just because I talk to him, it doesn't mean I like him. I really 
have to stop going over there. Then Michael was being such an ass. 
They all started fighting because he was being such a big "he man." 
He kept calling Tom & John fags & they were ready to have a fist fight 
so I said "Come on Jackie let's go."

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