1 May 1999 - 31 July 1999

  1. I would like to say How sorry I feel for the family of this young lady. I am a Conn. resident for the past 25 years and I was 1 when she died. I hope the family gets Justice for this Horrible crime. The greenwich police depart. are a disgrace to this state. I know technology was not like it is today, but please they could have interrogated those 2 suspects even if they if they are nephews of the Kennedys. Money should not stop justice from being served. Hopefully, the grand jury will see through all the evidence and finally let Martha and her family have the justice they need and deserve. I plan on becoming a future prosecutor and I definately will keep my eyes on the police so no other family has to go through what the Moxley family is suffering. I want the Moxley families to know that my prayers are with them and Martha. God will take care of the murderers once their near heavens door even if the criminal justice system can not get justice for the families here on earth.
    Jennifer Krzyna
    Meriden, Ct US - Thursday, July 29, 1999 @ 16:09:43 EST
  2. You are doing a valuable service in keeping this case before the public. Between the books and your web-site I feel justice will be done. Doubt that it will come from Grenwich however. Whatta bungle!
    Ann Crane
    San Marcos, Ca US - Thursday, July 29, 1999 @ 04:53:11 EST
  3. I first heard of this case when it aired on dateline last year and since that original airing I have followed the case the best that I can throught articles that appear on various web sites. I believe that one of the skakel's must have been directly involved. Certainly, with enough appropriate pressure applied the two skakel men would certainly turn on each other and reveal the true killer. I hope this case is resolved. Martha Moxley, who was born a few months after myself, appears from all accounts to have been a beautiful spirit, who certainly deserved better from this world. I hope that she has eternal peace with her creator and saviour, our lord Jesus Christ.
    silverhill, al US - Sunday, July 25, 1999 @ 00:24:30 EST
  4. I had first learned of the Moxley case when it aired on Unsolved Mysteries in the early ninety's. I just recently read Mark Fuhrman's "Murder in Greenwich",and was very interested in it. The Moxley Murder was a horrible tragedy that was never brought to any kind of justice or end for the famliy or the victum. Hopefully this case will be solved one day, and her family can have the peace and answers they deserve!
    Rebecca Bowman
    Charleston, WV US - Friday, July 23, 1999 @ 10:35:38 EST
  5. I am now about 1/2 way through Mark Fuhrman's book. I am an avid reader of true crime stories (approx. 3 books a week) and yet for whatever reason I feel this book is going to keep my attention for quite some time. This is the only book so far which has caused me to come online, type in the name of a victim and look into more. I just hope justice comes for Dorthy Moxley. She deserves to know the who and why before she goes.
    MN US - Thursday, July 22, 1999 @ 00:59:17 EST
  6. I have been following this story since reading Dominick Dunne's book "Season in Purgatory". I had no idea that the book was based on an actual story and was shocked to find out that it was connected to the Kennedy family. I immediately became interested in finding out all about Martha's murder. I then learned that Mark Fuhrman had written a book and I recently finished reading that. I can't stress enough how anxious I am for the Greenwich police to finally solve this murder. Has the one-man grand jury come back with an indictment or recommendation for arrest of Michael and/or Thomas Skakel? I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear something new. What's interesting is that I was just finishing up reading Fuhrman's book when I learned that JFK, Jr.'s plane with his wife and sister-in-law was missing. It was a very sorrowful weekend for me, listening to all the latest news and also reading the Fuhrman book at the same time - kind of surreal. The news has just come in that they found JFK, Jr.'s body and that of his wife and her sister. I guess I will have to accept one day that they are gone. In the meantime, I pray that Martha's killer is finally brought to justice!
    Mary Wardell
    Salt Lake City, Utah US - Wednesday, July 21, 1999 @ 17:31:22 EST
  7. I read about Martha,s case only yesterday in our local newspaper and my heart was so heavy that I wanted to see this web site to know as to whats happening. Justice should not die. I am glad to know that the fight for justice is still on...I really appreciate Martha's friend who dedicated this site for her. My prayers to Mrs. Dorthy and Martha.
    Raji Godwin
    Colombo, Sri Lanka - Wednesday, July 21, 1999 @ 14:19:47 EST
  8. I went to Greenwich High from 1974-1977. Upon hearing of Martha's death, I felt that the security, or "plastic bubble" of the town had been destroyed. I remember how confusing it was to pinpoint a suspect. It's too bad that the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit was not around back then. I believe that they would have narrowed the suspects to one individual, based on personality profiling alone. Dorthy and John: Your efforts are commendable.
    Anthony Marzullo Jr
    Middletown, Ct US - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 @ 00:17:11 EST
  9. I have only just found out about this matter and after reading the information on it, I would love to be kept informed and to get to the bottom of this issue, letting it rest once and for all. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family.
    Kenneth Yuen
    S'pore - Sunday, July 18, 1999 @ 10:44:02 EST
  10. I have only just found out about this matter and after reading the information on it, I would love to be kept informed and to get to the bottom of this issue, letting it rest once and for all. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family. My My p
    Kenneth Yuen
    S'pore - Sunday, July 18, 1999 @ 10:43:47 EST
  11. I logged onto this site shortly after reading Mr. Furhman's book, and I am glad that the fight for justice is still going on and getting stronger. Dorothy...my prayers are always with you and Martha. And I hope justice can shine through, and finally allow Martha to rest in peace.
    With my thoughts,
    Richard Cruz

    Richard Cruz
    New York City, NY US - Saturday, July 17, 1999 @ 18:19:22 EST
  12. I am glad to see that someone has created a website about this murder. I read Mark Fuhrman's book last August and I was really shocked by the facts inside. I am 25, and was very young when this happened, but I have heard about this case vaguely from the tabloid TV shows that occasionally aired the story during the 80's. It is nice to see that the real details of this case are starting to reenter the mainstream media. I used to believe that this was just "another" Kennedy family tragedy, but Mr. Fuhrman's book really explained all the details clearly--and this was definitely not an accident. In many of these high profile crime cases, there usually are two sides to every story. But clearly, in this case, this is an outrageous murder that should have never happened, especially when you consider that all of the participants were of the same age and from the same neighborhood. I really hope that the pressure will be turned up in this matter and a prosecution will occur soon.
    Andrew Marshall Los Angeles, CA US - Thursday, July 15, 1999 @ 23:19:31 EST
  13. I am glad to see that someone has created a website about this murder. I read Mark Fuhrman's book last August and I was really shocked by the facts inside. I am 25, and was very young when this happened, but I have heard about this case vaguely from the tabloid TV shows that occasionally aired the story during the 80's. It is nice to see that the real details of this case are starting to reenter the mainstream media. I used to believe that this was just "another" Kennedy family tragedy, but Mr. Fuhrman's book really explained all the details clearly--and this was definitely not an accident. In many of these high profile crime cases, there usually are two sides to every story. But clearly, in this case, this is an outrageous murder that should have never happened, especially when you consider that all of the participants were of the same age and from the same neighborhood. I really hope that the pressure will be turned up in this matter and a prosecution will occur soon.
    Andrew Marshall
    Los Angeles, CA US - Thursday, July 15, 1999 @ 23:19:08 EST
  14. I am glad to see that someone has created a website about this murder. I read Mark Fuhrman's book last August and I was really shocked by the facts inside. I am 25, and was very young when this happened, but I have heard about this case vaguely from the tabloid TV shows that occasionally aired the story during the 80's. It is nice to see that the real details of this case are starting to reenter the mainstream media. I used to believe that this was just "another" Kennedy family tragedy, but Mr. Fuhrman's book really explained all the details clearly--and this was definitely not an accident. In many of these high profile crime cases, there usually are two sides to every story. But clearly, in this case, this is an outrageous murder that should have never happened, especially when you consider that all of the participants were of the same age and from the same neighborhood. I really hope that the pressure will be turned up in this matter and a prosecution will occur soon.
    Andrew Marshall
    Los Angeles, CA US - Thursday, July 15, 1999 @ 23:18:32 EST
  15. ...Her bright blonde hair blowing in the breeze of the warm October sun (it was a rare "indian summer" in Greenwich, that year)...she smiled up into Jeff's face as she made to say goodbye before boarding the school bus...he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek...and her smile deepened (that California-girl beauty came from within with Martha). I remember being so happy for my friend, he seemed such a perfect match for her... the epitome of the age of innocence for us all - the high school romance, the exquisite handsome pairing, the good-hearted (& intellectually sharp!) people they both were. My heart smiled as I watched them embrace; golden sunshine & autumn colors yellow school buses lined in a row... The scene runs through my minds' eye as clear as was that autumn day....I am but 39, now...but I can become 15 again as easily as changing my eyes from open to shut....for it was the last I was to see my friend, the girl who, with her smile, brought the sun & the beaches of California to often gray Greenwich days at Western Jr. High (then Greenwich High - to which House was she assigned? I remember it was not mine - Bella) I mourn for the world, the loss of Martha...I mourn for her sweet, sweet Mom (and for her father who I heard later died from a broken heart) & her brother who must remain strong in face of this terrible legacy of deceit & frustration... I mourn for all of us....who knew and loved her...and had our youth of trust & innocence & Junior Prom dreams ripped from us by the hands of the like of the Kennedy & Skakel family. They murdered Martha..and they murdered that which was within each & all of us...a belief that we were given the right to live to see our full potential without fear or loss of life or suppression of Justice as is guaranteed to us as Americans...and as human beings. God bless you, Tom Alessi...for being a friend to all of us (even when we may have not deserved to be your friend...) and for making this website exist...thus allowing us forum to share our long-buried pain and loss and grief....
    Leigh LaPore Herrmann
    Scottsdale, AZ US - Thursday, July 15, 1999 @ 04:33:14 EST
  16. As a 27 year police officer, the more i read, the more questions come to mind. What if anything do the Skakel legal team say about how their golf club became a part of the murder. I don't recall Det. Furman being very clear on this issue. Sadly, this murder case should have been closed out. Michael and Thomas Skakel and Mr. James Terrin if not a part of this murder....know who did the crime. My many years in police work tell me that generally when people are so unwilling to talk, they do have something to hide. The best way to break this case is to keep the pressure on and don't let the facts and the memories fade away. I believe that justice will prevail in this case.
    Richard Barnhart
    wallkill, NY US - Wednesday, July 14, 1999 @ 15:13:28 EST
  17. What an awful thing for Mrs. Moxley to have to live with for all these years. Here's hoping and praying that the killer will finally be brought to justice. My thoughts are with you Mrs. Moxley.
    Englewood , FL US - Monday, July 12, 1999 @ 12:29:33 EST
  18. I have heard of this case off and on for several years and it just continues to make me angry. I am so sorry, Mrs. Moxley, for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I can't comprehend the mind of a person who could commit such a senseless act of violence. It's extremely unsettling to consider, and yet you hear of similar cases happening all the time it seems. I have faith that God is in control, but His will is not for us to understand. I pray for resolution in this, that the truth may brought out in the open. UNDENIABLY. I am only just now beginning to study this case in earnest and have ordered Mark Furman's book for starters. Meanwhile I continue to search the web. I will post here again when I'm better educated. Respectfully,
    ~Sherry White

    Sherry White
    Unionville, VA US - Saturday, July 10, 1999 @ 20:28:35 EST
  19. Just read the Furman and the Dumas books. Good luck with the solving of this case.
    Dan Corcoran
    US - Saturday, July 10, 1999 @ 15:27:49 EST
  20. I hope this will be solved for the sake of her family.
    Randie Wardrep
    Wahiawa, Hi US - Friday, July 09, 1999 @ 17:15:16 EST
  21. God bless those who are still working to bring justice to Martha Moxley's murderer.
    Nicole A. Brenner
    Pittsburgh, PA US - Thursday, July 08, 1999 @ 07:20:16 EST
  22. Dear Mrs. Moxley,
    I grew up in a very sheltered environment, much like Belle Haven. I skiied with the 'privilaged', partied with them in Boston and Palm Beach. I have watched the antics, the attitude of entitlement, and the acting out. And all I can say is by the grace of God go I. I truely believe it could have been any one of us. My thoughts are with you and your son. It's time to let Martha rest in peace and make her murderer culpable.

    US - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 @ 02:45:30 EST
  23. I'm so glad this site is here. My husband went to school with Martha and I remember meeting Martha. My heart goes out to Dorthy and John. Will they ever get the closure they need?
    Lorraine Creamer
    Shrewsbury, Ma US - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 20:27:07 EST
  24. hi well i'm 18 years old and am new to this site . i read about the whole incident from a newspaper and felt very unhappy about it i hope that the reals murders r caught.
    kuwait - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 20:04:06 EST

  25. Greg B.
    Wheeling, WV US - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 11:55:09 EST
  26. I think its pathetic that its been 24 years and no one has been charged for this murder. I hope this is settled soon, for the sake of all who are involved/
    Lori Brasington
    adairsville, ga USA - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 11:29:28 EST

  27. Shelly
    Surprise, az US - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 01:18:47 EST

  28. Shelly
    US - Monday, July 05, 1999 @ 01:16:54 EST
  29. What a tragedy for this family to endure, I'm finding it difficult to accept the fact that this case remains unsolved going on 25 years. I sincerely hope that you'll soon obtain some measure of justice. My prayers are with you.
    MJ Bair
    Lansdale, PA US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 23:45:54 EST
  30. I am new to this website, and am once again appalled by the actions of our society. May the killer be brought to justice, and may God not have mercy upon his soul.
    Dawn Bonnenberg
    gulfport, ms US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 22:31:52 EST
  31. I hadn't heard of this case until I saw in on the AOL/Reuters news. Everytime I hear of such things it breaks my heart and I always think of how I'd feel had it been my 'little' sister. I'm very sorry for the loss of this good girl who sounds like she added so much to other people's lives. I hope they catch and punish the one who did this or he dies on his own. It sounds obvious about who is responsible but often is hard to prove especially when money is involved. Thanks to Tom for keeping Martha alive on this site.
    Chris Schneider
    San Jose, CA US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 21:36:23 EST
  32. Justice in America has always been up fro grabs to the highest bidder. Lets hope for once a rich influential criminal does not go unpunished. Martha deserves justice and even if it is late she needs to rest in peace and the criminal rest in jail. May God bless her and her family.
    Jorge De Zamacona
    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 18:34:13 EST
  33. I am new to this site. After reading the story it looks like money and a name has prevailed again. I am so sick of this country's justice system it makes one want to vomit. I do not mean to be radical but some good ole fashion Texas justice is what this country needs. The liberals poor hearts 'bleed" and everything is pushed aside over a technicality. Unless this country returns to the Godly priciples left to us by our forefathers, we can see that the hand of God is being retracted and his mercy will no longer be there for us to obtain. I pray the the killers are apprehended and justice is finally served.
    Larry Hayes
    Houston, Tx US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 16:35:24 EST
  34. I am new to this website. Martha's family have my sympathy,and I beleive that the person(s)resposible will be brought to justice. The family should keep the pressure on the authorities and NEVER give up hope
    rick sargent
    lacrosse, wi US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 15:54:22 EST

  35. Bill White
    Opelika, Al US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 15:13:51 EST
  36. The only way Martha Moxley will rest in peace is for the murderer to face a jury and found guilty for his actions in her death.
    Patricia Zarkowski
    Dover, DE US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 14:57:12 EST
  37. I hope someday soon the murderer will be brought to justice.
    John Hepler
    Asheville, NC US - Sunday, July 04, 1999 @ 13:46:54 EST
  38. Read the news in the papers today. Want the culprit to be punished and put and end to his cruelty.
    ajitha menon
    US - Saturday, July 03, 1999 @ 02:12:31 EST
  39. Refreshed News of this case appeared in today's edition of the Globe and Mail Newspaper in Canada. The Globe and Mail is a National publication. I'll be following developments on this website. As the father of a daughter my heartfelt condolences and prayers of support go out to the victim's family for a speedy resolution and closure in this enduring heartache and sad episode of their lives. I pray for the perpetrators to find the courage to take ownership and responsibility for their horrible misdeed. God be with you all!
    Michael BarronWright
    Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

    Michael BarronWright
    Regina, Sk Ca - Friday, July 02, 1999 @ 19:44:43 EST

  40. Stephanie McDonald
    Burnsville, mn US - Thursday, July 01, 1999 @ 19:58:14 EST
  41. I just finished the book and am very intersted. please keep the page up and running so i can learn as much as possible. Thank You,John Davis
    john davis
    rockledge, fl US - Tuesday, June 29, 1999 @ 17:54:03 EST
  42. I have just started getting into this case, by reading books about this awfull crime that has been committed. I truley hope that someday justice is served and the family and friends of this beauitful girl are at rest with this matter. My prayers are with you and God bless you all! Stephanie Curtin
    Stephanie Curtin
    brooklyn, NY US - Tuesday, June 29, 1999 @ 09:50:10 EST
  43. This is a great web page. As a good friend of the Moxley's we very much appreciate the work that is being done here! Thank you, Eric Mein
    Eric Mein Orinda, CA US - Monday, June 28, 1999 @ 10:50:44 EST
  44. I have followed this case since reading an article about it by Dominick Dunne. It grieves me that in this day and age the disgusting behaviors of the Kennedy clan and their relatives is still being pooh poohed as just being boys..How many women and minor children have to be raped, )William Kennedy Smith, and the other Kennedy that just died who had an affiar with his babysitter), or left to die in waters in Chapaquidic (Mary Jo Kapekne) and Martha Moxley, before the communities at large stand up and do something about it. It is like society is "enabling" this truly disfunctional family by allowing their crimes to go unpunished. What is with us. After reading the other posts I am hearing alot of sympathy for the Moxley family and rightly so...alot of prayers that the murderer(s) are brought to justice. Come on people wake up. Things don't change until people change. Like anything else in life nothing gets accomplished when nothing is done. It is time that ALL of us speak up and force the hands of justice. If the authorities do THEIR part and indict these little scum bags then society can do their part in the form of a 12 man jury. I would find it very difficult to believe that in this day and age anyone with half a brain would allow these murdererd to walk out of that courthouse free men. Thankfully race is not an issue in THIS case and money alone will not overshadow justice at trial......I for one will be glad to assist in any way I can to help this family bring those two snakes to justice. They have had 24 years to carouse, drink, party and have fun,,,,,lets not give them 25..........
    Cindy Columbia
    Tolland, MA US - Saturday, June 26, 1999 @ 00:48:12 EST
  45. I grew up a half a mile from where the murder took place. I was only seven when it happend, but i still have vivid memories of all the news stories. I also recently finished mark fuhrman's book "murder in greenwich." I never realized how botched a job the police did until now. God bless her family and may god have mercy on the soul of her killer.
    jef kordas
    cheshire , ct US - Friday, June 25, 1999 @ 16:05:21 EST
  46. Iam new to this site
    candace elias
    lk. orion, mi US - Thursday, June 24, 1999 @ 23:11:45 EST
  47. After reading many books and articles on this case I think the police work was a sin and it looks like the Kennedys get away again,( I felt William Smith was Guilty). My sympathy is with the Moxley family because as hard as it is to lose a child I can only imagine if I had to deal with the fact that the murderer gets to go on having a life with no punishment.
    Susan Payton
    Greenville, SC US - Thursday, June 24, 1999 @ 03:41:39 EST
  48. I am a senior at Kansas State University who recently finished a semester long project concerning the Moxley case. First of all I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to the family. I took special interest in this case because it coincides with my career goals. I am studying Criminology. I was introduced to the case through my instructor at KSU Dr. L. Susan Williams, she assigned Timothy Dumas' book Greentown. I have been in contact with Tim ever since January as this case has totally consumed me. I found the entire investigation to be a hoax. It issues a different perspective on wealth, power, and privelege. What amazes me is that the murderer or the "suspect" is known and continues to use his resources to evade justice and extend the grief of the entire Moxley family. One day this will come to an end and Martha will finally be able to rest in peace. For now I will continue to receive updates and correspondence from Tim as I contemplate the theories and facts of martha's murder.
    Saundra Byrd
    Manhattan, Ks US - Sunday, June 20, 1999 @ 11:29:24 EST
  49. This is a good web site and I hope someday those responsible for this horrible crime will be punished.
    Janice Riley
    Dunedin, FL US - Wednesday, June 16, 1999 @ 01:04:41 EST
  50. I just, last night, finished reding "Murder in Greenwich" by Mark Fuhrman. After that, how could one sleep? My sincere sympathy to Dorthy and John Moxley. With hope, someday the murderer(s) of this lovely young woman will be brought to justice. It is so infuriating to see, once again, what money can buy?
    Debra Reynolds Perri
    Boone, NC US - Monday, June 14, 1999 @ 17:50:10 EST
  51. I just finished reading Fuhrman's book. I was first interested in reading it because I spent a little time in Greenwich at the house of my friend from college. I was amazed with this town, it's like the streets were paved with gold. I am so appauled at the Greenwich Police Department for their terrible and obviously inept as well as biased job surrounding the Moxley case. Every officer who appeared at the crime scene should have had their badges revoked. The discrepancy of whether or not there actually was part of the club found in the body is quite interesting. Some officers saw it, some not. It is quite clear to me that the Skakel family is the true example that money can buy you everything. As for Ken Littleton, someone must subpoena him, it's like he's asking to be put on the stand. To the Dorothy and John- You are an inspiration to people everywhere. I find so much inspiration in your courage and strength to finding justice and keeping your daughter's memory alive. Mrs. Moxley- while you did lose a wonderful daughter, Martha lost something too, the chance to know how great of a person you truly are. I hope those Skakel boys as well as the Greenwich police of 1975 suffer for their great injustice.
    MA US - Friday, June 11, 1999 @ 18:21:26 EST
  52. I just finished reading Mark Fuhrman's book on this case and I find I am thinking about Martha and her family frequently. Thank you for this website and the opportunity to continue to follow recent events.
    Patricia Davidson
    New Cumberland, WV US - Wednesday, June 09, 1999 @ 21:42:32 EST
  53. This is another tragic connection to the Kennedy family legacy. As their power and money was obviously brought to bear, the "trail" became cold and unyielding. Only through God's grace will this injustice behold as just end. The tragic nature of the Kennedy's has adversely affected all around them. Not only immediate family members, but extended family, friends, and people who do not even know them personally. They are truly an American story for the ages. Such promise, such possibilities. Such a waste! The fortune was born in crime, thus it is cursed. Dirty money. It all will end in tragedy.
    Michael J. Sborn in crime, thus it is cursed. Dirty money. It all will end in tragedy.
    Michael J. Sparrin
    Ilion, NY US - Monday, June 07, 1999 @ 05:37:50 EST
  54. I hope that this case will soon have closure, when justice is finally served. My heart goes out to Mrs. Moxley and her family. I have followed this case since I was a teenager, and have a 19 year old daughter myself.
    Roberta Doran 'DeGray
    Seymour formely /Greenwich, CT US - Sunday, June 06, 1999 @ 23:51:44 EST
  55. Alas,a typical story of two rich boys hiding behind daddy's wallet!!
    ****, PA US - Sunday, June 06, 1999 @ 17:14:25 EST
  56. I am a Forensic Psychological Investigator who has examined quite extensivley the Martha Moxley homocide case, in addition to the Furhman report and Dunne novel, et al. I have come to the conclusion that this murder...in both it's severity and effort...is convincing of an effort based upon the actions of either one MATURE adult between the ages of 20-35 years (due to strength and severity demonstrated) or the consorting of one violent offender with a cover up aide. In this case, I have great cause to believe that Michael Skakkel committed this violent homicide, as is his disposition with regard to mental state, but then made the effort to consort with his brother, Thomas, in the covering up and disposition of the body and subsequent clothing or evidence. The sad fact remains that though Thomas did not committ this murder, he did indeed know more than he shared with investigators, and he was compelled in Kennedey and Skakkel tradition to protect his own, because of the severity of what he knew...in opposition of those family members who knew nothing, and were free to offer commentary on Michael and his violent tendendices. I am disgusted once again by the Skakkel and Kennedy traditions in, however the severity of the crime, and whomever suffers, they can still find enough shame retchedness to cover up such actions. If Greenwich police had acted properly in the beginning, they would have at least been able to present a case. They need help! And furthermore, if Rushton Skakkel Sr.continues to fail to cooperate with investigators and the Judge Thim in this case, perhaps someone should ask him how he would feel if one of his precious boys was slaughtered with a Toney Perra golf club...I should think that if it were his loss, he would be more than willing to cooperate! His wife Ann must be shivering up in heaven with disgust of her husbands actions! Lastly, God Bless Dorthy and John Moxley. On behalf of a young law enforcement official, I express our deepest apologies to you and your family. For our error, what happened to Martha will never be rectified...and justice has not been done. If only we could live with the hope that God will one day committ Martha's killer(s) to punishment, but we cannot. That thought does not sustain us when this bright, shining angel was stripped of her life before she ever got to living it. And that thought does not comfort us at night, when all we can think of is how someone could do something so horrible to someone so good. Martha was an angel...and for that, she had been asked back to heaven steadfast...and left us with only memories of a better time and a better life...but one day. -John E. Kerns-
    John E. Kerns
    Bedford, NH US - Sunday, May 30, 1999 @ 03:16:35 EST
  57. I feel so much empathy for the Moxleys. I look at my 4 month old daughter and cannot imagine anything bad happening to her. I cannot imagine the pain and emptiness Mrs. Moxley feels in losing her only daughter and to add insult to injury her murderer never had to pay the price for his crime AND that most likely that person was a neighbor of hers...WITH MONEY...AND CONNECTIONS....This case just sickens me...I would absolutely flip out if this happened to me-I would want to scream and shake someone. It's as if the Moxleys have been screaming for 24 years and the Greenwich Police Department are turning away and saying,"I don't hear you" How frustrating is that? It seems after the publication of Mark Fuhrman's book somebody is FINALLY paying attention. Inexperience and sloppy police work are frustrating. However, to continue a half-assed investigation or as seems the case to stop investigating this murder because mistakes and sloppy police work would be unveiled is absolutely APPALLING!!
    US - Saturday, May 29, 1999 @ 08:06:23 EST
  58. It looks like the Moxley family's long ordeal will soon come to a close. That old rummy Rush Skakel will be forced to appear. Maybe the deceitful old coot will decide to clear his conscience, as he is soon to appear before the Throne of God. Fortunately, the Kennedy and Skakel families are no longer as popular or respected as they once were. Michael Kennedy's affair with an underage teenager is just one more nail in their coffin. And Mike Skakel had his eye on the same girl? I wonder how many other girls have been raped and abused by the vulgar men of these two families?
    All right, Connecticut! Time to stand tall and put Martha's murderer behind bars!

    Bill Neville
    Harrisburg, PA US - Friday, May 28, 1999 @ 20:22:25 EST
  59. I just finished Mark Fuhrman's book. He's done a superb job keeping this story in the open. What a sad story that still, the killer has not been arrested. I don't know how her family stays so strong and dignified. I'm a mother, and I have loads of respect for Mrs. Moxley. I would've gone after the Skakels with my own 2 hands by now. To Martha's family, never give up. Your daughter and sister is watching you from somewhere. The person who did this knows who he is. He'll pay for it someday. Perhaps he already has. He's had to live with this all this time. It can't be much of a life. Prayers are with you.
    US - Friday, May 28, 1999 @ 08:11:19 EST
  60. Martha will have her justice someday...very soon. To her family, never give up hope!!! I never knew Martha, but she is in my heart. She was murdered on my birthday. She is 3 years older than me. My prayers are with Martha and her family. Especially her mom. Mark Furhman, I have the upmost respect for you. You keep up the good work...and hold your head high. MK
    Dalton, GA US - Wednesday, May 26, 1999 @ 12:33:48 EST
  61. My thoughts are with the Moxley Family. Always remember that there are those of us who care about what happened to Martha, and will never forget until her killer(s) are brought to they justice they so deserve.
    Thank you Mark Fuhrman for your years of public service, for making our streets safer, and for writing this excellent and important book. While some unscrupulous persons have attempted to vilify you, the vast majority of us know the truth. Keep up the good work.

    J Marsh
    NY US - Tuesday, May 25, 1999 @ 14:24:52 EST
  62. To Martha's family--Don't give up hope. I think anyone who has heard anything about this case knows who the guilty party is. I am no investigator by any means, but I think anyone could have done a better job of investigating what happened that night. I can not call those men police officers or investigators. They have helped a murderer go free for 24 years and do not deserve to be called Police Officers. They need to go back and read the promise they made when they joined the Force. No where does it say that they are to cover up crimes for the rich and powerful. It is to protect and serve. They DID NOT Protect and the only people served were the murderer and his family members. I am sickened by this. My prayers are with you, Mrs. Moxley & your son. I will continue to pray that justice is served. Goodluck--Kim
    Kimberly Fuller
    Morristown , Tn US - Monday, May 24, 1999 @ 23:47:46 EST
  63. I have just read Mark Furhmans book. I must say my thoughts and opinions on Mark have changed for the bette. You have done a great job Mark. Kudos to you for getting the much needed attention to this case to re-open it!! I am horrified, sickened and haunted by this atrocity! Dorothy, my heart goes out to you. You are a fantastic woman and I cannot believe the pain you and your family has had to endure! Justice will be served, the good Lord will see to it. I am only sorry poor David will not see it, but who knows, he is with our Lord! The Skakels are shameless cowards and low lifes!! It is unbelievable that not one of them has even signed here to wish your family peace. Michael (and Thomas) we are onto you!! Your time is coming! And anyone else (the whole family maybe??) concealing information! Tom Alessi, bless you, you are a beautiful friend and this site is a beautiful tribute. Martha, you are a most beautiful person, obviously inside and out. My prayers are with Dorothy and John. God Bless you!
    Susan McCaskie
    North Bellmore, NY US - Monday, May 24, 1999 @ 14:30:37 EST
  64. Seeing all that I have read, I have come to the conclusion that the police at the seen of the crime are no better than that in the fictitious town of Mayberry. They made a mistake and I would think it safe to say that they were payed off in some form or fashion. This sort of thing makes me wonder what kind of person can walk around without guilt especially when it comes to barberic murder. I know one thing though, money will not by anyone a ticket to Heaven. May the killer(Thomas and as far as I am concerned, everyone who has covered up evidence)be hit hard over the head with the fist of Justice. May God bless Dorothy, Mark Furhman, and everyone else who is trying to get justice for this crime.
    Matthew Charles Ruland
    Moreland, GA US - Sunday, May 23, 1999 @ 21:36:36 EST
  65. Like your site. Just read Fuhrmann's book and find this whole case very interesting. Seems to be another example of the wealthy and/or famous being immune from justice. It's wonderful you're so loyal to a friend's memory. Keep up the good work.
    Don Jeffries US - Sunday, May 23, 1999 @ 08:53:44 EST

  66. Shanna H. Laible
    Casper, WY US - Tuesday, May 18, 1999 @ 09:08:52 EST
  67. Hello! I am a 15 year old girl and I just want to say that I am trying my best in solving murderers, I already solved one, a small one, and I am doing my best in this, I know it sounds silly, but i think that i'm going through the steps! Well, if anyone has anything to say to me, e-mail me! see ya!!
    Boston, MA US - Monday, May 17, 1999 @ 19:24:33 EST
  68. I have a two year old son and I cannot imagine the horror that the Moxley family must still be going through. I know how terrible it would be for my wife and I if something happened to our precious Cole. Let her family at least have some comfort in knowing that she is with our Lord and he is taking care of her now. I believe that justice will be served...if not here on earth then on judgement day. Thomas and Michael Skakel, your day is coming!
    Greg Herzik
    Minneapolis, Mn US - Monday, May 17, 1999 @ 17:04:49 EST
  69. I watched the May 12 A&E program on the Moxley murder. It is amazing to me that because a family has some money and prestige (if you want to call it that) that this case has lingered for almost 25 years unscathed. There certainly was sufficient evidence and motive to have charged one of the Skakel boys with this crime. You have an exclusive golf club belonging to the Skakel family as a murder weapon and two witnesses that can place the victim with two of the Skakel boys immediately before she was killed. How much more does it take for the Greenwich police. I guess the Skakel boys would have to ask the police for a ride to the station before anything is done. It must be beyond words to describe how Dorothy Moxley must feel having to live next to these people every single day knowing that one of those two boys killed her daughter. Rushton Skakel should be ashamed of himself--trying to get away with murder because your sister maarried into a political and wealthy family. What kind of father is he? Like father, like son.
    Michele S. Gottlieb
    Reston, VA US - Monday, May 17, 1999 @ 15:54:19 EST
  70. I recently watched the Program on American Justice, Arts and Entertainment Channel about this murder. Come on, Wake up and Smell the Coffee!! I can't believe at this day and age we're still threatened by the "Kennedy" name, give it up already. There are always bad apples in every bunch. So we're not going to prosecute the person or persons who did this because the murderer/s may be a relative to a long ago President/Political Figure?? What's happened here? My guess is that these 2 brothers have/are display some of these behaviours to this day... Drug and Alcohol re-hab? Hmmm, I wonder what made the poor lad turn to drugs and alcohol? A violent murder maybe? committed at their own hand? You can be sure that the circle of individuals around these two men, whether they be wives, girlfriends, friends, or relatives have been privy to enough behaviours to know whether they are looking into the eyes of a killer. That's the funny thing about a behaviour, it hangs around forever!! Even if you're related to a Kennedy, it won't go away. I feel for the dead girl, and the poor family. They have suffered enough, let's give this thing some closure and make an arrest.
    Colette Richard
    Edmonton, Alb Canada - Monday, May 17, 1999 @ 12:56:48 EST
  71. this is a very disturbing happening...i hope that whoever did this is brought to justice and get what he deserves.
    lacey and kim
    Delphi, IN US - Sunday, May 16, 1999 @ 18:48:25 EST
  72. I am very anxious to see the killer down- someday we will be able to say who did this, but now, we dont and that's very discouraging. I believe Tommy played a part in this murder but some evidence may be off, like this for instance:The golf club was broken, the head of it off- you can't break a head off a six iron by hitting flesh and bones, Michael Skakel, known to do it- cold hard evidence that he did do it, would uv' had to break the head off manually or bump it against anything but Martha after hurting her enough to make her crippled enough so she didn't escape when he wanted to break the head off the club, then he poked her to death. Flesh bones will not break that head off the club.
    Eric P. Keyte
    Dexter, ME US - Sunday, May 16, 1999 @ 15:38:48 EST
  73. I truly believe that both the boys are involved. But I also know the truth will be discovered and it is only a matter of time. Mrs. Moxley, You are an amazing woman, and judging from this page, Martha was also. Her friends are devoted. Please stay strong and positive and know we are all praying for this to finally end.
    Melody Allingham
    Lynden, Ont. Can - Sunday, May 16, 1999 @ 09:23:52 EST
  74. This site is a beautiful tribute to Martha. She certainly has some very dedicated friends. I hope and pray that Martha's murderer will soon be brought before the bar of justice. He has gone on with his life, while the beautiful young lady he killed in cold blood has been denied her adult life. I feel that someone with intimate knowledge of Martha's murder is going to come forward soon to clear his conscience. Martha's mother Dorthy is a brave and courageous woman. Her tenacity will be rewarded, and she will see Martha's killer punished. I wish you all the best of luck in your faithful pursuit of Justice for Martha!
    M. Neville
    PA US - Saturday, May 15, 1999 @ 21:38:55 EST
  75. God Bless you and Your Family, we will be praying for your family and for the Killer (s) to be brought to justice. I have not read the book yet and I found this site after reading Mark Fuhrman's book Murder in Brentwood and after looking at his website.
    Lt. David James
    Cape Girardeau, Mo US - Saturday, May 15, 1999 @ 20:15:50 EST
  76. Dear Friends of Martha,
    Thank you for this site. I would like to see this case solved.No one is above the law.
    Thank you ever so much Janet

    Janet Yeager
    Columbus, OH US - Saturday, May 15, 1999 @ 16:36:46 EST
  77. I first heard about this case when I stumbled upon Fuhrman's book on audiotape. I was so intrigued, I got the book and also Dunn's fiction book. I am excited to read Dumas' soon and explore this and other web-sites. The comment I wanted to make has been in the back of my mind and is a theory I have yet to see pursued... What if Michael, upon coming home from the Teriens, realized that Tommy was moving in on Martha, whom he was infatuated with. He became furious with her and when Tommy went inside, he argued with her and attacked her-the way he did animals when he wanted to relieve frustration and anger. Then in shock of what he had done, he went and told Tommy and they went outside, where they dragged her under the tree to where she was discovered. With the history of the story, they must both be involved in the truth somehow!! Littleton also knows more then he is telling... maybe he saw something while standing on the balcony and he moved the body to conceal it. There is much more to my questions than I can express here, but let me just say I am outraged by this case and will continue to follow it.. I just wish I could do something more.
    Rebecca Williams
    Layton, Ut US - Friday, May 14, 1999 @ 18:11:34 EST
  78. To the Friends and Family of Martha:
    I am so sorry for your loss. I was only 13 when this crime was commited, but I have followed it all along. I am now a law student. I hope to fight against the influence money and power has on our justice system. I pray for justice in this case. The evidence is clear who commited this murder. I hope the grand jury sees the truth, so the family and friends of Martha can find some sense of peace.

    Carrie D.E. Huskinson
    Moscow, ID US - Thursday, May 13, 1999 @ 06:08:47 EST
  79. Dorthy and John Martha has left a great legacy of love and kindness behind for all of us to share. I know that you are proud to have known her if only for a short while. I too know the horrible pain of losing a loved one to coldblooded murder. I firmly believe in an eye for an eye and I am con- convinced that some day these murderers will stand before a JUDGE that KNOWS what is in their hearts and sentence themaccordingly. I was sorry to here of the passing of Mr.Moxley it was a shame he didnt get to see justice for her. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS. Thanks for sharing such a painful part of your life with us.
    Huntington, WV US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 23:41:04 EST
  80. Were there no photos taken of the body and crime scene? I heard no mention of photos during the T.V. show. That would not be inept it would be bought by the Kennedys.
    FL US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 22:15:49 EST
  81. Didn't the police take photos of the crime scene? I didn't hear any mention of photos during the T.V. show. That would not be inept it would be bought by the Kennedys.
    Eau Gallie, fla. US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 22:07:28 EST
  82. Odd that the two best foriensic pathologists in the world determined the time of death by barking dogs. Some world class!
    Charles Reece II
    Eau Gallie, fl US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 21:35:14 EST
  83. I think of my friend Martha often. My family still lives down the block from the scene of this terrible tragedy. All my best to John and the rest of the Moxley family,who all through my years in Greenwich I could call friends,hey John want to play some ping-pong after school?????
    Nicholas Bernard
    chicago, il US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 18:45:56 EST
  84. To the Moxley Family:
    I was really sorry to hear about your daughter's murder. I hope that they find more concrete evidence on the two brothers that killed your daughter. Hopefully, someday, JUSTICE will prevail. God Bless you and your family always.

    denver, co US - Wednesday, May 12, 1999 @ 00:23:05 EST
  85. Two weeks ago a friend gave me copies of "A Season In Purgatory" and "Murder in Greenwhich". I could not put them down until I finished. I praise Mark Fuhrman for investigating this horrible crime and bringing long needed attention to solving (or should I say prosecuting) this the perpetrator of this horrible act. I believe there is no greater sorrow in this world than having to endure the death of your child. To know that it was a brutal murder makes it so much worse that words can do no justice. Dorthy and John Moxley my heart goes out to you both.
    Carl Bosch

    Carl Bosch
    Scottsdale, AZ US - Saturday, May 08, 1999 @ 20:09:29 EST
  86. To the Moxely Family: It seems all through my life I have grown up hearing about the terrible murder of Martha,and have always thought how could someone murder a child and never be brought to justice. Hopefully,since Mr. Furhman has shed new light on the case someone will finally have to answer for the way they not only ruined Martha's life but the families as well. My prayers are with you. God Bless You!
    Cheryl Parrino
    Baton Rouge, LA US - Wednesday, May 05, 1999 @ 07:29:58 EST
  87. I was truly touched by this story, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the Moxley family and their friends. I have followed this case from the day I heard about it. I hope that justice is served for you one day!
    Chicago, IL US - Monday, May 03, 1999 @ 01:51:39 EST
  88. After reading "Murder in Greenwich", my heart goes out to Martha's family and friends. I hope justice is served, isn't it about time??
    Fran Annese
    Greenwood, SC US - Saturday, May 01, 1999 @ 15:53:59 EST