Littleton refuses interview requests
By Peter Moore
"Greenwich Post" Feb.18, 2000

After briefly opening up to the public last summer, former Moxley murder suspect Kenneth Littleton has pulled the shades again on the press.

Littleton, who granted an interview to Greenwich Time last summer shortly before attempting to kill himself, is now accessible only through his Bridgeport attorney, Gene Riccio.

Asked last week to arrange an interview between Littleton and Greenwich Post, Riccio said he understood the job of a journalist, but could not comply with the request.

"This is not a pleasant situation for Littleton and to keep putting the spotlight on this guy is not beneficial," Riccio said. "Maybe someday," he added in reference to his client speaking publicly about the case again.

Contacted by phone, Littleton's girlfriend Anne Drake said Friday that Littleton is no longer available for comment.

"He's not speaking directly," Drake said, referring a reporter to Riccio.

In 1975, Littleton, then 23, was hired as a live-in tutor for the Skakel children by their father, Rushton Skakel Sr. His first night on the job was Oct. 30, 1975, the night Martha Moxley was killed.

Although not an initial suspect after Martha Moxley's murder, Littleton became increasingly more suspicious to Greenwich police, especially after failing two polygraph examinations administered in regards to the murder investigation. In the summer of 1976, Littleton had also been arrested for burglary and larcency in Nantucket, after he allegedly broke into boats and houses and stole about $4000 in goods.