"Hearing Set on Enforcement of Skakel P.I.'s Subpoena"
By J.A. Johnson Jr., Greenwich Time

Arguments on whether a former private investigator has to give grand jury testimony about his questioning of suspects in the 1975 Martha Moxley murder have been scheduled for tomorrow in a Long Island courtroom.

In the hearing, an attorney representing suspects Michael and Thomas Skakel will be asking Suffolk County Judge Michael Mullen to quash a subpoena that had been issued to Willis Krebs, now an investigator with the Suffolk County district attorney's white-collar crime unit. While employed by the Sutton Associates investigations firm, Krebs worked for the Skakel brothers' attorneys, investigating the Moxley murder in preparation for a possible criminal defense.

Prosecutors allege that both Skakels significantly changed their alibis for the night of the murder during interviews with Krebs, giving accounts that either placed them with the victim or at the crime scene around the time the 15-year- old Greenwich girl was murdered. Police have identified the murder weapon as a 6-iron from a set of golf clubs owned by the Skakel family, who lived across the street from the Moxleys.

The Connecticut subpoena had already been signed by a Suffolk County judge, but Skakel's attorney, Robert Gottlieb, has asked that the subpoena be quashed on grounds any information pertaining to Krebs' interviews with the Skakel brothers is confidential, protected by attorney-client privilege.

A Suffolk County prosecutor who will be arguing for Connecticut told Mullen last month she would not be presenting witnesses during tomorrow's hearing. Gottlieb told the judge he would be calling on Krebs as his only witness.