Skakel Seeks Evidence Implicating Earlier
Murder Suspect. Defense Attorney Says Move
is Not For Publicity
WVIT and AP News Service

NORWALK, Conn. -- Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel is seeking from the state any evidence that implicates an earlier suspect in the murder of Martha Moxley.

Skakel, a nephew of the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is accused of beating Moxley to death with a golf club in their wealthy Greenwich neighborhood in 1975. Both were 15 at the time.

Defense attorney Michael Sherman filed a motion Tuesday seeking from prosecutors details on Kenneth Littleton, who was a live-in tutor in the Skakel house. Littleton had just started living with family at the time of the murder.

The motion came as two more jurors were selected, bringing the total to 10. The new jurors include a man who was a hotel executive and a woman who works part-time as an education consultant and is a part-time student.

The motion shows that the defense is expected to try to cast reasonable doubt on the charge against Skakel by pointing to Littleton as an earlier suspect.

Specifically, the motion seeks results of any forensic tests or examinations of Littleton's blood, hair, saliva, semen or fingerprints that could implicate him in the death of Moxley (pictured, right) or imply his presence at the scene of the crime.

The request includes results of scientific testing performed on the alleged murder weapon, any item of clothing worn by the victim and any other items or articles related to the crime scene. The motion also seeks reports and records of any psychological interviews, exams, treatments or diagnoses of Littleton that could implicate him.

That request includes any psychological interviews sponsored or arranged by the Greenwich police department since the crime.

Skakel is also seeking details of the immunity from prosecution for Moxley's murder that was granted him when he testified before a one-judge grand jury that ultimately charged Skakel with the murder.

Littleton repeatedly failed lie detector tests in connection with the Moxley murder investigation.

The motion filed Tuesday also seeks details on Gregory Coleman, a witness for the state, who died in a drug-related death last year in Rochester, N.Y. Coleman testified in pretrial hearings that Skakel confessed to the murder while the two attended the Elan School, a substance abuse treatment center in Maine.

The motion seeks the results of any psychological interviews or diagnoses of Coleman that may relate to the credibility of his testimony against Skakel at the pretrial hearings.

Prosecutor Jonathan Benedict said the state has already supplied all the requested information to the defense.

"I think (the motion) seems to be filed to generate pretrial publicity," Benedict said.

Sherman denied that the motion was for publicity.

"This case has enough publicity without anyone manufacturing it," he said. "If we have everything, then we're happy. The motions we filed are appropriate."

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