Skakel team may call tutor's ex
By Lindsay Faber - Greenwich Time

NORWALK -- The ex-wife of a long-time suspect in the 1975 Martha Moxley murder is likely to be called as a witness for Michael Skakel in his upcoming murder trial, according to a motion filed yesterday in court.

Skakel, 41, is charged with murdering Moxley, his Belle Haven neighbor, when both were 15. Police have said they believe he murdered her with a golf club belonging to his family.

Mary Baker, the ex-wife of Kenneth Littleton, was added to the list of prospective witnesses for the defense. Littleton was a live-in tutor at the Skakel household.

That Baker was named as a supplemental witness instead of an original witness is "just the nature of the beast," Skakel's lawyer Michael Sherman said.

Littleton moved into the Skakel house on Oct. 30, 1975, the night Moxley was killed. Investigators considered him a serious suspect for several years.

Littleton, who is listed as a potential witness for the state, was granted immunity in the case when he testifed before a one-judge grand jury that called for Skakel's arrest.

Last week, Sherman filed a motion asking for any evidence from the prosecution that could shed light on Littleton's connection to the case.

The lawyers met behind closed doors yesterday at state Superior Court in Norwalk with Judge John Kavanewsky Jr. and decided not to address motions until the entire jury is selected. The attorneys still have to choose two of the four alternate jurors for the case. Twelve regular jurors and two alternates have been selected, including one alternate yesterday.

"You can't just go in there and say my client didn't do it; somebody else did," Littleton's lawyer, Gene Riccio, said. "You have to have reliable and credible evidence. Whether or not that standard is going to be met remains to be seen."

Prosecutors also added another prospective witness, Matthew Tuccia-rone, to their list yesterday. They provided no details about Tucciarone's connection to the case.

Defense attorneys said they did not know Tucciarone.

"We have no clue who he is, honestly," Jason Throne said.

The alternate juror added yesterday is a Stamford woman employed as an account manager who assists relocating executives.

She said her hairdresser's child is a student at Elan School, a Maine-based substance abuse center Skakel attended in the late 1970s. She also said she grew up in Boston in a Republican family that did not always agree with the politics of the Kennedy family. Skakel is related to the Kennedys through his aunt, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of the late U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

The woman said she did not expect those factors to affect her impartiality.

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