Neighbor: Skakel told his dad he may have
killed girl.
From Ronni Berke - CNN

NORWALK, Connecticut (CNN) -- The father of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel told a friend more than 20 years ago that his son had told him he may have killed Martha Moxley, according to the friend's grand jury testimony.

The testimony of Mildred "Cissy" Ix in a 1998 proceeding was revealed Wednesday in Skakel's trial in Norwalk, Connecticut. Ix, a neighbor of the Moxleys and Skakels in Bell Haven, Connecticut, said Rushton Skakel told her in 1981 that his son "had so much to drink and might have killed Martha."

She said Ruston Skakel added that his son wanted to get a truth serum test to find out what happened that night at the end of October 1975.

Ix's grand jury testimony was read in court after Superior Court Judge John Kavanewsky determined on the grounds of "truthfulness and reliability" it could be admitted as evidence. But on the witness stand Wednesday, she disavowed her 1998 testimony.

"I know Rush never, ever heard from Michael that he ever, ever killed anyone," Ix said. "I assumed something that was really in my heart of hearts ... I put in Rush's mouth what I thought Rush had said."

Michael Skakel, 41, is charged with killing his 15-year-old neighbor, Martha Moxley, with a golf club on Oct. 30, 1975. He is the nephew of Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy.

Rushton Skakel, who also testified Wednesday, said he could not recall having that 1981 conversation with Ix. Michael Skakel took his father's hand and kissed him after he testified.

Outside court, Martha's brother, John Moxley, criticized the witness, saying Mildred Ix once approached his mother -- asking her to drop the case.

"This was a...bold-faced lie today to protect the family that was maybe her second family. I think she, like a mother, she'd do anything to protect the kids," Moxley said.

Dorthy Moxley, the victim's mother, said Wednesday that Ix had approached her in the year following the murder, when Thomas Skakel, Michael's brother, was considered a suspect. Moxley said Ix told her, "Dorthy, I can't believe it's Tommy -- but I'd give you Michael in a minute."

Earlier, James McKenzie, the lawyer for Rushton Skakel's former company, Great Lakes Carbon, testified that he had been asked to go to the Skakel home the day Moxley's body was discovered. At the time, he said, he was told Rushton Skakel was on a hunting trip in Canada, so he was sent to the house to provide some supervision for the children.

He found police, journalists and children all over the Skakel property, McKenzie said.

He described 15-year-old Michael Skakel as "agitated" when he got there. "He was a difficult child to control."

McKenzie told journalists that Michael was more excitable than the six other Skakel children, "more hyper than the rest of the kids."

Also Wednesday, a forensic scientist, Terry Melton, testified that after doing tests on a hair found on the sheet used to wrap the victim's body, she had determined it did not belong to Skakel tutor Ken Littleton, once viewed by police a suspect in the slaying.

Melton, who runs a private Connecticut forensic lab, said that a blood sample taken from Littleton earlier this spring had been compared with the hair and the results did not match. The hair was more likely from someone of Asian origin, Melton said.

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