New York Post - May 25, 1999

The sands on that 1975 Martha Moxley murder case are running out. Michael Sherman, lawyer for sole suspect Michael Skakel, says two weeks more will determine arrest or not, indictment or not.

May 27 it's the appellate court, state of Connecticut. An argument about a statement Ethel Kennedy's blood relative Skakel made 23 years ago and whether said can be reissued, readmitted. It dealt with the then-young man's substance rehabilitation and allegedly contains a sort of confession. Skakel's battling that this remain sealed.

And June 9 is a hearing in Florida to determine whether or not they can make his father testify. His father was not present the night of the murder, but it is known he immediately hired an attorney.

Sherman: "All this means either an end to the case or a beginning."