Kennedy Kid Suspected Of Grisly Murder Pens Own Tell-All Book

The Kennedy family member who's been fingered as the prime suspect in a 22-year-old murder is trying to sell a book telling his side of the grisly story at last.

Michael Skakel, 37-year-old nephew of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, is denying that he beat pretty 15-year-old Martha Moxley to death in a fit of jealous rage, The ENQUIRER has learned.

And his literary agent, Alex Smithline -- who's showing Skakel's top-secret manuscript to publishers -- said: "He's going to touch on and refute the events of the night of the Moxley murder."

Skakel began writing his book after The ENQUIRER reported in April that his family's own top- secret investigative report named him as the killer -- turning the spotlight away from his older brother Tommy, long considered a suspect.

Martha's brutal death has remained unsolved ever since it horrified residents of a millionaire enclave in Greenwich, Conn., in 1975. The Skakel family refused to cooperate with investigators after the finger of suspicion pointed at them, and critics have accused police of being blinded by the power and money of the Kennedys.

But O.J. Simpson detective Mark Fuhrman concluded that Michael Skakel is the killer in a new book he has published on the murder.

Martha's mother Dorthy Moxley, who's read the Fuhrman book, told The ENQUIRER: "It makes a powerful case against Michael."

Now Skakel's book may be dramatically overtaken by events.

Lead investigator Frank Garr of the Connecticut State's Attorney's Office said a decision will be made by midsummer on whether to bring the murder case before a grand jury.

Added Mrs. Moxley, who's waited more than two decades for justice for her daughter: "If they don't, I'm going to be one sad, sad lady."