Skakel Family Dumped Michael

MICHAEL Skakel's family and their lawyers abandoned him. They threw him away. They didn't have compassion or love for the convicted killer of Martha Moxley. He was just someone who could tarnish the family name.

They victimized Michael, and in doing so, they created most of the evidence that convicted him.

On the day Martha Moxley's body was found, Ethel Kennedy was overheard saying, "This can't touch the Kennedys." That says it all right there. They don't care about the child. They want to cover it up because it's just another dirty little secret they would rather hide.

First, Michael was sent away to the Elan treatment center in Maine. Then the family told the people at Elan to confront Michael about Martha's murder. That was incredibly self-serving. What they were trying to do is find out how much he remembered and what he would say. And this is not his father, Rushton Sr. This is attorneys.

Because Michael was confronted about Martha's murder, other kids at Elan knew about it. Which encouraged Michael to talk about it. He talked about it with his roommates when things were quiet. He talked about it with friends. Then pathologist Henry Lee started making overtures about whether there was any DNA in the Moxley case. Again, the Skakel family responded with, "We can't have anything touch the family." So they hired the investigative firm Sutton Associates. They didn't do this to help Michael. They did this to make excuses for evidence that Henry Lee might find.

They had Michael change his story from, "I came home at 11:20 and went to sleep and woke up at 9 the next morning," to a most incredible story.

They actually had Michael go back out into the community, peep in Martha's window, climb a tree, yell out Martha's name, feel something evil in the darkness. He went to all the places where Martha was beaten, killed or hidden. Very, very crafty attorney stuff.

But it backfired. They shot themselves in the foot. Now we have Michael Skakel putting himself at the crime scene at every place that Martha was struck, murdered or hidden.

Without a doubt, Michael Skakel and the Skakel family convicted the Kennedy cousin. The state did not convict him.

Michael Skakel was supposed to be somebody's son. And instead, his family abandoned him because of his name. Because they wanted to protect it. And now, all the people who actually caused the cover-up are free.

Someone should go after the parents, attorneys and neighbors. These people actually ruined this man's life. Had he confessed, he probably would have gotten two years in a secure hospital facility. He might have gotten help. He might have done something with his life.

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