Fuhrman Gives High-Fives
Hartford Courant TV Critic

It shouldn't have been surprising to see former Los Angeles police Det. Mark Fuhrman in nearby Pasadena. But he appeared before TV writers to promote the USA Network film of his crime book, "Murder in Greenwich."

Investigating the Martha Moxley murder in a book that pointed to Michael Skakel as murderer was a project suggested by Dominick Dunne, who had written his own fictional account of the case (which had been turned into its own made-for-TV movie). So it's logical that Fuhrman's story will appear on USA Network's "Crime Fridays" under the full title "Dominick Dunne Presents: Murder in Greenwich."

The story has a resolution now, and Fuhrman was effusive about the jury decision in Norwalk.

"They were attentive. They gave away nothing. They made no mistakes. They didn't fudge. They did their job. They deliberated. Even when I talked to them, they said they were of one mind very early on that he was guilty."

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