Key witness stabbed in case
tied to Kennedy kin
by Beverly Ford, Boston Globe

Friday, July 23, 1999

Authorities investigating the 1975 murder of a Greenwich, Conn., teenager in which the prime suspects are nephews of Robert and Ethel Kennedy have contacted Boston police for information on the mysterious stabbing of the suspects' former teacher.

Officials from the Fairfield County State's Attorney's Office contacted detectives probing the Wednesday morning stabbing of Kenneth Littleton in order to assess the incident, a law enforcement source said yesterday.

Littleton, considered a key witness in the murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley, was a live-in tutor for Michael and Thomas Skakel in 1975 when Moxley was beaten to death and stabbed with the shaft of a golf club traced to the Skakel home. The brothers, whose father, Rushton, is the brother of Ethel Kennedy, are considered the prime suspects in Moxley's murder.

One source said Connecticut authorities contacted Boston police out of concern for Littleton, who is considered a key grand jury witness in the Moxley probe.

A source familiar with the investigation into Wednesday's stabbing said the 43-year-old former teacher was stabbed four times in the chest and twice in the arm with a 10-inch kitchen knife taken from his Beacon Hill apartment.

``At this point, the investigation is leaning toward self-inflicted wounds,'' said one source.

Investigators who searched Littleton's 122 Bowdoin St. apartment found a second knife under his bed pillow, a source said.