"Former Moxley Suspect Suffers Multiple Stab Wounds"
By J.A. Johnson Jr., Greenwich Time July 26, 1999

Former Martha Moxley murder suspect Kenneth Littleton was hospitalized last week in Boston after suffering multiple stab wounds, according to police and a friend of Littleton's.

Boston police confirmed the injuries but would not comment on the nature of the incident that took place last Wednesday at 47-year-old Littleton's Boston apartment, saying the matter was under investigation. Littleton's girlfriend, Anne Drake, said the wounds were self-inflicted.

The stabbing, as reported in the Boston Globe Thursday, occurred at about 5 a.m. Wednesday at Littleton's apartment in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Littleton was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, police said, but the hospital would not confirm he was a patient.

According to Drake, Littleton stabbed himself four times in the chest and slashed his wrist with a 12-inch kitchen knife. Drake said the incident occurred a day after Littleton was discharged from a Boston area mental hospital, where Littleton admitted himself a week earlier.

Littleton, who has said he suffers from bipolar disorder and substance addictions, called Greenwich Time from McLean Hospital July 12, the day he checked himself in with the realization he needed help. He told the newspaper he believed members of the Kennedy family were trying to kill him.

McLean Hospital spokeswoman Cynthia Lepore said it was policy to neither confirm nor deny whether someone had been a hospital patient. She added, "We would never discharge a patient who we felt to be a danger to himself or herself, or to other people."

When 15-year-old Moxley was murdered the evening of Oct. 30, 1975, it was Littleton's first day as a live-in tutor at the Greenwich home of the Skakels, who are relatives of the Kennedys.

Littleton was a suspect in the murder for more than 20 years. After a grand jury was convened last summer in an attempt to solve the Greenwich girl's murder, Littleton was given immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony.

Two of those Littleton had been hired to tutor - Michael and Thomas Skakel, nephews of Ethel and the late U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy - remain suspects in the Moxley case. Police said Moxley, who lived across the street from the Skakels, was with the Skakel brothers the night she was slain, and the murder weapon was a 6-iron from a set of golf clubs owned by the Skakel family.

Littleton had harbored the notion over the years that the well-connected Skakel and Kennedy clans were responsible for his being a suspect in the homicide. During his two decades as a murder suspect, Littleton was unable to hold onto jobs, his mental condition deteriorated and he abused alcohol and drugs.

Last month, Littleton told Greenwich Time that being eliminated as a suspect lifted an immense burden from him. Littleton appeared to be optimistic, talking of how he was sober and in therapy, and had employment prospects.

"Things are better to some extent, for I can now pursue future endeavors," he said. "I want to get back to connecting with people."

Drake last week said even though Littleton was regularly seeing his psychotherapist and apparently taking medication for his mental disorder, Littleton's obsession with the Kennedys had grown worse in recent weeks.

After being released from McLean Hospital, Drake said, Littleton grew even more despondent over the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. "Every time he saw it on TV he burst into tears," Drake said. "He apparently really liked John-John. Kenny thought he was the only good Kennedy."

The night before he stabbed himself, Drake said, Littleton propped a chair against the apartment door and expressed fear he would be slain in his sleep. At about 4:50 a.m., Drake said she was wakened by loud thumping noises, at which time she found her boyfriend stumbling and bleeding.

Drake said she immediately called 911, adding, "When the police first arrived they thought it was a homicide, so they brought me to the police station" for questioning.

According to Drake, Littleton initially was listed in critical condition, but was upgraded to stable on Thursday. She said he has been visited by his mother and sister.