Woman says man stabbed himself
He was suspect in 1975 murder
By Associated Press, 07/28/99

The girlfriend of a former suspect in the unsolved 1975 murder of a Greenwich, Conn., teenager has said he stabbed himself in his Beacon Hill apartment last week.

Boston police confirmed that Kenneth Littleton had suffered multiple stab wounds but would not comment on what happened at his apartment July 21. But Littleton's girlfriend, Anne Drake, said the wounds were self-inflicted.

Littleton was hired in 1975 to be the live-in tutor of Michael and Thomas Skakel, the sons of Rushton Skakel Sr. The elder Skakel is the brother of Ethel Kennedy.

Littleton's first day on the job was Oct. 30, 1975. Martha Moxley's bludgeoned body was found the next day on her family's estate, across the street from the Skakel house. The six-iron used to kill Moxley came from a set of golf clubs owned by the Skakel family.

Littleton, 47, was a suspect for more than 20 years but was given immunity from prosecution after he testified before a grand jury last summer.

The Skakel brothers he was hired to tutor remain suspects in the killing. Both brothers have denied any involvement in the killing. A one-man grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case since June 1998.

In an interview with the Greenwich Time last month, Littleton said he was getting his life back on track after two decades of living under a cloud of suspicion.

Drake, however, said Littleton had been despondent in recent weeks. On July 21, she said, he stabbed himself four times in the chest and slashed his wrist with a 12-inch kitchen knife.

Drake said the incident occurred a day after Littleton was discharged from a Boston-area mental hospital to which he had admitted himself.

Littleton, who has said he suffers from bipolar disorder and substance addictions, called the Greenwich Time from McLean Hospital in Belmont on July 12, the day he checked himself in. He told a reporter he believed members of the Kennedy family were trying to kill him.

Drake said Littleton's obsession with the Kennedys had grown worse in recent weeks. After he was released from McLean Hospital, he became despondent over the death of John F. Kennedy Jr.

''Every time he saw it on TV he burst into tears,'' Drake said. ''He apparently really liked John-John. Kenny thought he was the only good Kennedy.''

Drake said she awoke on July 21 to loud thumping noises and found Littleton stumbling and bleeding. She said she immediately called 911.

''When the police first arrived, they thought it was a homicide, so they brought me to the police station'' for questioning, she said.

This story ran on page C08 of the Boston Globe on 07/28/99.