The Moxley Grand Jury Lineup

By J.A. Johnson Jr.
(Staff Writer)

The following persons are the witnesses known to have testified so far before the Martha Moxley grand jury. They are listed in the order in which they testified.

Dorthy Moxley - The 15-year-old victim's mother. She and her family moved to Greenwich in the summer of 1974, after husband David was appointed head of the New York office of the Touche Ross accounting firm. When Martha did not return home by 2 a.m. oct. 31, 1975, Dorthy began calling neighbors looking for her. She reported her daughter as missing at 3:48 a.m. David Moxley died of a heart attack in 1988. Through her persistent efforts, Dorthy Moxley is credited with not letting her daughter's case fade from public consciousness.

John Moxley - The victim's only sibling. A Greenwich High School junior at the time of the murder, Moxley searched his Belle Haven neighborhood for his missing sister before police were called. He now sells real estate in Manhattan.

Daniel Hickman - Now a minister and acting pastor of North Baptist Church in port Chester, N.Y., Hickman was a Greenwich police youth officer in 1975. He and partner Millard Jones were the first officers to arrive at the crime scene, after a neighbor found the missing girl's stabbed and bludgeoned body beneath a tree on the Moxley's Walsh Lane estate. Last year, Hickman told Greenwich Time he remembered seeing the handle of a golf club in the girl's body, contradicting the official story that that crucial piece of evidence was never recovered. Before entering the grand jury room, Hickman said he planned on sticking to his story.

Thomas Keegan - The retired Greenwich police chief was a captain in 1975. As commanding officer of the Detective Division, Keegan headed the local investigation of Moxley's murder. That investigation has since been criticized for being disorganized and inept.

Kenneth Littleton - A teacher and soccer coach at the private Brunswick School in Greenwich, the 23-year-old Littleton was hired by Rushton Skakel as a live-in tutor for his sons, Thomas and Michael. Littleton moved into the Skakels' Otter Rock Drive residence the night Moxley was killed. After failing two lie detector tests, he reportedly remained the prime suspect in the slaying until recent years.

Dr. H. Wayne Carver - Now the state's chief medical examiner, Carver in 1975 was assistant to Chief Medical Examiner Elliot Gross, who performed the autopsy on Martha Moxley. Carver last year authorized an independent forensic pathologist working for the Moxley family to review the autopsy file.

Millard Jones - Hickman's partner. Contrary to the official story that the handle of the golf club used to kill Moxley was never found, Jones told Greenwich Time in October 1997 that, "You could see the leatherette or vinyl grip (of the handle), and my wife swears that's what I told her when I came home that night."

Stephen Carroll - Before retiring in 1978 with 30 years on the Greenwich police force, Carroll was the senior investigator working the Moxley case. In interviews, Carroll has since characterized the initial stages of the murder investigation as "chaotic."

The Rev. Mark Connolly - A former Skakel family advisor, police reports said Connolly urged Rushton Skakel to have his son Thomas submit to psychological testing in connection with the murder probe. At the time of the murder, the Stamford priest celebrated "The Sunday Mass" on Channel 13 in New York. Connolly continues to celebrate Mass as St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Greenwich.

Mildred Ix - Mildred "Cissy" Ix is wife of Robert Ix, who in 1975 was president of Cadbury Schweppes U.S.A. Inc. The family lived next door to the Moxleys and Skakels, and Mildred reportedly served as surrogate mother to the Skakel brothers, whose mother died in 1973. She was preparing refreshments for Rushton Skakel and an attorney in her study when Skakel collapsed and was later rushed to the hospital. The incident occurred soon after Rushton went to police headquarters to withdraw his permission for Thomas' school and medical records to be released to investigators. According to police reports, Mildred Ix was the first to cast suspicion on Littleton as a suspect.