Kennedy cuz skips Mass.

(1998/08/17/NY POST/NEAL TRAVIS)

THE grand jury sitting in Connecticut to probe the 23-year-old murder of Martha Moxley will have to cast its subpoenas further afield if it wants to interview Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel.

According to the Boston Herald, Skakel has upped stakes in Cohasset, Mass., and moved his family and all their possessions to Florida.

Skakel, of course, has, along with brother Tommy, always been a prime suspect in the murder of their 15-year-old neighbor. The alleged murder weapon, a golf club, was traced to their home. Their wealthy parents have over time spent perhaps $1 million trying to clear the boys' names.

O.J. Simpson-case detective Mark Fuhrman's recent book about the case, "Murder in Greenwich," names Michael Skakel as the likely killer and claims Tommy was an accomplice.

It's hard to tell whether Michael has moved south to be out of the renewed limelight or to escape the wrath of the Kennedy clan for breaking ranks during another scandal.

Last summer, according to reports, he met with investigators looking into the affair the late Michael Kennedy had with his children's baby sitter. Skakel reportedly told them that the trysts began when the girl was underage.