The Moxley Murder
News Channel 8's Christina Hager reports.
November 4, 1998

Martha Moxley(WTNH) _ A high profile Greenwich murder case goes to court to force a key witness to testify. It's been 23 years since Martha Moxley was bludgeoned to death. All that time police have focused on two key suspects - nephews of Robert and Ethel Kennedy.
News Channel 8's Christina Hager reports.

This unsolved mystery has been the subject of three novels, countless magazine articles and television specials. The attention is now becoming even more intense because prosecutors have brought the case before a grand jury. Problem is, some people aren't willing to talk about it. That's why prosecutors went to court today.

Dorthy Moxley, Mother: "Whoever killed my daughter, they're afffecting so many people. This didn't have to happen."

Dorthy Moxley was at the Bridgeport Superior courthouse today to follow her daughter's high profile murder case.

Skakels 1975, the day before Halloween, Martha Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club behind her Greenwich home. The key suspects are brothers Thomas and Michael Skakel. They are nephews of Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

Moxley had been with the Skakels that night, and the weapon was traced to the Skakel home. New evidence has prompted a grand jury investigation going on now in Bridgeport, and its closing in on Michael Skakel as the key suspect.

Mickey Sherman, Michael Skakel's Lawyer: "To be the focus of an investigation for murder for this many years is devastating for someone. He's under enormous pressure."

Mickey Sherman is Michael Skakel's lawyer. He's here for a court hearing to determine if the headmaster of a Maine school for disturbed children that Michael Skakel attended should be forced to testify before the grand jury. The headmaster's name is Joseph Ricci.

A former student of that school testified that he sat in on a meeting with Skakel and Ricci.

"He (Ricci) did bring up the fact that there was a murder."
But when this hearing began last month, Ricci himself testified, denying any knowledge that Michael Skakel was involved with a murder.

Dorthy Moxley Moxley: "No matter what happens in Martha's case I'm going to be there."

Dorthy Moxley is determined.

Moxley: "I just want to find out who murdered my daughter and I'd like to see that person pay for this crime."

This hearing is expected to continue for several days, and it may take weeks for the judge to make a decision. As for the grand jury, it's expected to wrap up sometime this winter.

Tonight I'll have more on this unsolved murder mystery in my special report "The Moxley Murder" on News Channel 8 at 11.

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