The Moxley Murder
News Channel 8's Christina Hager reports
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Martha Moxley(WTNH) _ It's been 23 years since Martha Moxley's murder. Since a neighbor discovered the teenager's body in the backyard of her home in the exclusive belle haven section of Greenwich. 23 years since her mother Dorthy Moxley lost her pride and joy.
News Channel 8's Christina Hager reports.

Dorthy Moxley, Mother. "I didn't know I'd be going on this long. I mean, It's a horrible thing to have happen. You just, you're in shock for so long, and then gradually, you sort of come out of it."

Today Dorthy Moxley is "coming out of it", as she puts it.

Moxley: "She was the cutest, easiest little baby."

As she digs up old memories, local detectives are unearthing new evidence in the case. Tips prompted by a barrage of media coverage, novels, articles.

Moxley: "I think the police have a lot of information now that they didn't have years ago. A lot of people have come forward."

Skakels The result, a grand jury investigation that began this year. It may finally lead to charges, possibly a trial. Investigators tell News Channel 8 the only suspects they have at this point are these two men, brothers Thomas and Michael Skakel. They are the nephews of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, the sons of Ethel's brother, Rushton Skakel. He's now in Florida fighting a subpoena to testify before the grand jury.

The Skakels lived kitty corner from the Moxley home. At the murder scene police found part of a golf club believed to be the weapon. It matched a set of clubs in the Skakel's home. Suspicion has now moved from Thomas to Michael Skakel. Investigators say staff members at the Elan school for disturbed children in Maine overheard Michael confessing when he was a student there. The headmaster of that school, Joseph Ricci, was the subject of a court hearing in Bridgeport to determine if he should be forced to testify. And this isn't the first time prosecutors have hit obstacles.

Investigators tell News Channel 8 the Skakels have refused to cooperate with them for the last 23 years, and that, they say, is what has stalled them until now.

Dorthy Moxley Moxley: "They're fighting us tooth and nail. And it makes you believe that they're hiding something."

The lead investigator on this case in the State's Attorney's office is Frank Garr. He used to work here at the Greenwich Police Department. In fact, he took the 911 call when Moxley's body was discovered. He insists the police were in no way influenced by the Skakel name, its prestige, or its link to the Kennedy family.

But critics raise questions about the police work. Why was the body moved before the coroner arrived? Why wasn't the crime scene initially secured? And why did the investigation lie dormant for decades?

Tory Holland, Moxley's friend. "I don't think they were equipped to handle something like this. I think they ran into a lot of problems with cooperation among a lot of the people around the Belle Haven area."

Tory Holland was one of Moxley's best friends. She's eagerly awaiting the results of the grand jury.

Holland: "That they're pursuing this, as if it had just happened, is wonderful."

Moxley: "She was the type that if there was something she needed to do, she'd dig in and do it. So I'm sure she'd be happy to know that all this is going on."

Gravestone Voted most popular in her ninth grade class, the notes and signatures covering the pages of her yearbook are a testament to Martha Moxley's charisma. One school friend has even created an internet web site devoted to her case (, 23 years after she was laid to rest here in Greenwich. Today she is more alive than ever in the hearts of her friends and her mother.

Moxley: "I will never give up. I'll never stop."

The grand jury investigation is expected to wrap up this winter. Based on the evidence, the judge hearing the case could decide to indict suspects. And that could lead to a trial.

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