Several ex-students take stand in Moxley case.
Connecticut Post
By Daniel Tepfer, who covers state courts, can be reached at 330-6308.

BRIDGEPORT - The state continued Thursday to call former students of a Maine school for troubled teens to the witness stand in Superior Court in an attempt to show that anything incriminating a student there might have said about the murder of a Greenwich girt is not confidential.

Several former students of the Elan School of Poland Spring testified they had conversations at school in the late 1970s with" Michael Skakel, a nephew of, Ethel and Robert Kennedy and a suspect in the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley.

Former student Diane Hozman said Skakel told her something that she later told her boyfriend during a conversation about the Moxley case.

However, neither Hozman nor any other state's witness was allowed to say what Skakel said.

State's Attorney Jonathan Benedict is trying to persuade Judge Edward Stodolink to force the owner of the school, Joseph Ricci, to tell a one-man grand jury what he heard Skakel say about the Moxley murder.

So far, Ricci has refused,' claiming he can't violate a student's confidence.

He previously told Stodolink that he never heard Skakel say anything about the Moxley murder, but other witnesses have contradicted him.

Fifteen-year-old Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club . Oct. 30, 1975, on the grounds of - her family's home in the tiny gated community of Belle Haven in Greenwich.

No one has been charged.

Investigators say their suspects, include Michael Skakel and his brother, Thomas.

Michael, then 15, and Thomas, then 17, were among a group of, friends who were with Moxley, the night she was killed.

Moxley's body-was found the, next day.

The golf club used to kill her was later matched to a set owned by the Skakel family.

Both Michael and Thomas.- Skakel maintain their innocence. The hearing was continued to Nov. 17.