Kennedy Kin Ordered To Testify in '75 Killing

Daily News Staff Writer

The 74-year-old brother of Ethel Kennedy was ordered yesterday to tell a Connecticut grand jury what he knows about the 1975 slaying of teenager Martha Moxley — in which his two sons are key suspects.

Lawyers for Rushton Skakel say he is disoriented, suffers from memory loss and has nothing to add to the Moxley probe. Witnesses told a Florida judge Skakel is senile.

Nevertheless, the judge ordered Skakel to travel to Connecticut to testify about the Greenwich slaying. No date was set.

The man's sons, Michael and Thomas Skakel, are suspects in the 23-year-old case. The suspected murder weapon, a golf club, is believed to have belonged to the Skakel family.

Former Greenwich cop Stephen Carroll compared Rushton Skakel to Vincent (The Chin) Gigante, who allegedly feigned insanity by wandering around Greenwich Village in pajamas.

"I think he knows a great deal," Carroll said.

Carroll, who helped detective Mark Fuhrman write "Murder in Greenwich," a scathing book about the Kennedy relatives' alleged link to the crime, called the father a key piece of the puzzle.

The two Skakels sons, who were 15 and 17 at the time, deny any involvement.

Original Publication Date: 11/11/98