Tutor: Skakel Admits Moxley Murder
(1010 WINS)

BOSTON Former Skakel family tutor Kenneth Littleton said Tuesday night that Michael Skakel once admitted to killing Martha Moxley, then threatened that Littleton would be blamed for it.

Littleton, an early suspect in the 1975 murder of Moxley in Greenwich, Conn., appeared in an interview with WFXT-TV in Boston Tuesday night and recounted a conversation he allegedly once had with Skakel, who is serving a prison term of 20 years to life for Moxley's murder.

''He (Michael Skakel) said, 'I did it and you are going to get blamed for it,''' Littleton said.

Michael Sherman, one of Skakel's lawyers, called Littleton's statements ''pure fiction.''

''Ken Littleton is very tragic figure,'' Sherman said Tuesday night. He did not elaborate. ''I don't think it's appropriate for me to start debating with him.''

Skakel's lawyers have suggested that Littleton was the killer. They said a drawing of a man spotted by a Greenwich special police officer the night of the murder resembles Littleton.

Littleton on Tuesday's broadcast denied killing Moxley, saying he did not know her and did not know where the Skakels kept their golf clubs. Moxley was beaten to death with a golf club.

Littleton also said he believed Skakel was heavy into drugs at the time of the murder.

''Michael Skakel was on a multitude of drugs which caused his mind to be genetically altered and his behavior to be obstructed,'' Littleton said.

Littleton said Skakel should not have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

''Michael Skakel wasn't Michael Skakel at the time of the murder,'' Littleton said. ''It was the drug dealers who caused his mind to be altered and polluted''

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